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Reno Wallpaper Removal

Reno Wallpaper RemovalIf you still have wallpaper on your walls, it may be time to remove it. Reno wallpaper removal is not an easy task to take on as it can leave your walls damaged. It is something that is best left to professionals. At Mastercraft Painting & Decorating, we can remove it safely. Rather than taking the job on yourself, let our painters go to work on your walls in order to have a smooth and cleaner surface when completed. We use the best and safest methods available. Call today and get more details on this service and more.

Professional Removal Service

Using a professional removal service can save you money and not be a waste of time. There are many homes with wallpaper on the walls. If yours is still present even after 30 years; it's time to modernize the home using the safest and most effective methods.

Removal Process

Our professional technicians start the process by poking small holes into the wallpaper. We then spray a warm water solution into the holes and give it time to sink in. From there, we start the un-peeling process.

Repainting the Areas

If your previously papered area is to be painted over; our Reno wallpaper removal service will come in handy because we recommend a coat of oil primer to seal any adhesive that's left behind after the removal.

Benefits of Wallpaper Removal

  • Our professionals have the right tools
  • We know what to do when the walls are not primed properly
  • Can remove paper that has been painted over
  • Prevent damages
  • Cost-effective

Cost-Effective Removal

Trying to take on a removal job can be tough and trying because wallpaper has a tendency to stick over time making it nearly impossible to remove. Our services are less expensive to have done as your wallpaper will be taken off correctly.

Modernizing the Home

When it comes to modernizing the home, removing the wallpaper is one of the best places to start. It will increase the appeal of the walls while also increasing the value of the home. Wallpaper can be old and outdated.

Preventing Damages

Wallpaper has to be fully soaked in order to come off properly. If it isn't; your walls can suffer damages. The drywall beneath can can become too moist and brittle. We know exactly how to prevent that and other problems.

Professional Tools

Many would think that all you need to remove wallpaper is an exact-o knife and some time. This is not the case as professional tools are needed to extract the wallpaper. Our professional contractors use the right tools of the trade.

Call for wallpaper removal in Reno and finally have a home that looks modern. It's the least that you can do for the interior of your home or office.

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