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Reno Industrial Concrete Coatings

Reno Industrial Concrete CoatinsReno industrial concrete coatings are quickly becoming a popular substitute to bare concrete floors in the area. These concrete coatings offer a pristine, smooth surface that will last years to come. A reduction in clean up time on spills and messes creates a safer environment. These are just a few benefits of hiring Mastercraft Painting & Decorating. Call us today for more details. You're going to like what you see. Don't waste your time with anything else.

Industrial Concrete Coating Color Variations

We carry a number of different colors and aggregates to concrete flooring solutions which range from the most demanding coatings to light traffic & residential applications. Come to the experts today and save.

Unique Flooring Solutions

Industrial floors take a lot of pounding as they are waled on daily as well as heavy machinery passing over them. Keeping up with the flooring is important and vital to the safety aspect of a facility. Concrete coatings offers the unique flooring solutions you need.

Level Flooring

Reno industrial concrete coatings can provide your facility with level floors. The coatings that we use will make your floors stay level with the consistency of thickness all across them. Level floors offer a level of safety that protects your employees.


Safety is one aspect of an industrial setting that must be followed to by a "T". The flooring is no different from the maintenance to the machinery and other areas. You floors will be safer to walk on and less of a chance of accidents.

Increased Durabilty

One of the things that we focus on when it comes to your industrial floors is the durabilty of them. Floors that are not protected are vulnerable to damages. Sometimes these damages can cause injuries as well as not being effective in accordance to production.

Industrial Flooring Areas:

Warehouses Aircraft hangars Manufacturing facilities Auto and machine shops Benefits of Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings

A business can save money by having high reflective flooring. This can be achieved through concrete floor coatings. There is less of a need for better lighting when the flooring is reflective. You'll also find the following benefits to be true of concrete floor coatings:

No harm to the environment Can be used on most floor surfaces Protect against wear and tear Call our industrial painting experts today for Reno industrial concrete coatings and have the floors that your facility deserves and needs for better production and money saving beenfits. You are going to appreciate the finished product as it's done on time and on budget.

Industrial Concrete Coating Projects

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