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Reno Garage Floor Coatings

Reno Garage Floor CoatingThere are lots of ways in which you can save your garage floor from decay. After all, the older it gets the more you're going to need the serices of Mastercraft Painting & Decorating. We offer professional Reno garage floor coating systems that will protect your garage floors no matter what type of materials are on them. There are different types of applications all geared to fit your needs no matter if you are commercially ran and operated or residential.

Options of Garage Floor Coatings

You have options when it comes to the design of your garage floor. They come in all diferent colors for instance. When in combination with the concrete floors; they will take on a polished look that's hard to beat as far as looks go.


The thickness of a coating ranges. It all depends on the type of flooring that we'll be working with. However, your floors will remain even and balanced in order to park your vehicle and recreational vehicles on them.

Benefits of Garage Floor Coatings

  • Different types of coatings
  • Less maintenance and repairs
  • Easy to clean


The main reason why most garage floors fall apart is due to a lack of maintenance. Much like verythnig esle; garage floors too need maintenance done to make them longer lasting. Speciality Reno garage floor coatings are available to do so.


The appearance of your garage may not mean much but to someone esle; they may mean a lot. If you work on classic cars or like to hang out with the guys and watch the game in your garage, looks are probably important.


The value of your home will go up with a modification to your garage floor. Most homeowners often neglect the fact that their garage floors are littered with grease and oil stains; all which are next to impossible to get off.

Water and Moisture Resistance

Our garage floors go through a lot as far as wear and tear goes. Most people turn to their hoses and wash off stains and dirt that is left behind from working in the garage. Water and mositure can also harm your floors causing damages to them.

Floor Stability

All garage floors tend to fade out over time. There is no way to prevent this if left unprotected. This happens because they are exposed to extreme sunlight as well as cold. They can start to crack. With professional coatings, your flooring will remain stable.

Weather Stability

The benefit to owning a stable garage floor is that it remains resistant to changes such as what the weather brings in. Severe weather patterns can all too often lead into the garage spilling over and damaging all that's around.

Contact Mastercraft Painting & Decorating today and have an estimate done for Reno garage floor coating services. You can't beat the protection we provbide for your floors.

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