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Reno Drywall Repairs & Texturing

Reno Drywall Repairs & TexturingReno drywall repair & texturing services are done by the professionals at Mastercraft Painting & Decorating. Our repairs come in all shapes and sizes ranging from challenging to simple. From a small ding in the front door to car sized holes in the garage, we can take care of them. So don't trust just anyone with your drywall. You can come to us whenever you need experts and have the job done right and to your specifications. We are always coming up with new ways to make your walls look and stay great.

Small Holes

There are lots of reasons how a small hole in the wall can become a problems. If you're a renter and had nailed nails into the wall, those small holes can cost you your deposit if not taken care of. Also-if those small holes are left behind they will become large holes.

Large Holes

All too often a door is opened too wide which connects with the wall behind it leaving a large hole in the wall. Moving furniture around can be another way that large holes develop in the walls. Mastercraft Painting & Decorating can provide you with Reno drywall repairs.

Scuff Marks

Lots of older drywall have scuff marks on them. This happens when they are grazed against too hard or while trying to get oversized furniture through a small doorway. This can leave behind semi-permanent marks.

Drywall Repair Services Include

  • Drywall replacement
  • Repairs
  • Popcorn removal
  • Wall and ceiling texture removal and application


There are different textures for drywall just as there are for your ceiling. Popcorn ceilings have similar patterns to drywall textures. We can provide you with those options and so much more when you come to Mastercraft Painting & Decorating for Reno drywall texturing.

Reasons to Apply Texture to Drywall

There are lots of ways in which texturing can provide your walls with something special. You'll find that our texturing service is done by professionals, so there will be no worrying about getting it done right. Reasons to have the drywall textured is:

  • New design patterns
  • Longer lasting drywall

Drywall Experts

Don't hesitate to call on our drywall experts. Yes we may specialize in painting, but we also know a great deal about drywall and all that it needs in the form of repairs and replacements. You can't go wrong with our services.

The life of your drywall all depends on how it is treated. We offer professional Reno drywall repairs & texturing services so you can feel better about the condition of your walls at home or on the office.

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