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Reno Commercial Concrete Coatings

Reno Commercial Concrete CoatingsIs your businesses' floor lacking something or is the old carpet flooring starting to look dark and faded? Maybe it's time to consider Reno commercial concrete coating. Concrete coatings provide a nice, presentable floor that's easy to maintain and simple to clean up spills and messes. Select from several finishes and colors for your commercial coatings and see what a difference they make. We can make your floors more valuable and less of a hassle.

Coating Variations

At Mastercraft Painting & Decorating carries a number of different color variations for concrete coatings. We have the flooring solutions ranging from the most demanding coatings to residential applications. Call today for selections.


Below zero degree application No indoor smells 3x more durable than standard epoxies UV stable Non-yellowing Clean Appearance

When you have Reno commercial concrete coating done by our experts; you'll have cleaner looking floors. You'll quickly be made aware of the polished shine that your floors give off that make a lasting impression on your customers.

Preserving Concrete

With a concrete coating; your floors will be much more longer lasting than ever before. This provides durability and the protection that you need from staining, chipping, and also harmful corrosives.

Safer Floors

There is a safe side to using concrete coating. Your floors will remain safer for your customers and employees. Don't trust the safety of of your flooring to anyone esle. We are the painting and flooring pros who will protect your commercial facility.

Residential Facilities

  • Strip malls
  • Convenient stores
  • Restaurants
  • Retail spaces

Getting the Right System

Many of the commercial flooring that you see today is made from epoxies and polymers. These substances are applied to the top of the surfaces of the concrete. Once we complete the process; it develops into a hard plastic veneer.

Transforming Your Old Concrete Floor

What's special about the concrete coating is that it protects the concrete floors below as well as modernizing them. It's not very uncommon for unprotected flooring to become damaged, especially when its aged.

Professional Refinishing

All repairs will be able to be taken care of when you have your concrete floors refinished. Adding a layer of coating to them will enable you to preserve and beautify them the way they are intended to be.

Expert Coating Specialists

When it comes to locating experts for concrete coatings for your commercial space; you will be able to trust Mastercraft Painting & Decorating. We are a painting company who specializes in this type of work.

Damaged Concrete

Concrete can easily become damaged. The more that it's left unprotected the better a chance you have. This can become a liability for your commercial business. But if you have them maintained, you'll be safe.

Contact us today for more information regarding our Reno commercial concrete coating services. You won't have to doubt the fate of your floors any more.

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