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A Splash of Vanilla – In Your Paint?

Athens homeowners, especially those with small children, often ask me how to get rid of paint odors. It’s such a big concern for some folks that they’ll ask me about potential odor control before they even call their Athens painting contractor. The good news is that the evolution of house paint has come a long […]

Magnetic Walls Are Quite Attractive

Called such because of the magnetically attractive qualities it possesses, magnetic paint is created using ferromagnetic additives. Before applying the final paint job, magnetic paint is typically applied first in the form of a wall primer. This is a great way to apply it as it doesn’t comprise the final paint color scheme thus allowing […]

Lefotover Paint Lives to Tell Another Tale

Don’t let extra paint go to waste. Instead, try one of these 10 clever ways to put old paint to new use. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, leftover paint is the largest volume material collected by hazardous materials collection sites and costs local governments a lot of money to deal with. The EPA estimates […]

Time to Part With That Household Paint Collection

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Your left over paint: Do It Yourself Instructions for Recycling Paint in Reno: 1. Lay out plastic film in a well ventilated area. We suggest 4 mil polyfilm spread out in A CONTAINMENT enclosure; such as bracked 4 x 4 posts nailed together. 2. Pour out left over paint over the plastic. Take care to […]

Ceilings Stealing the Show in Reno

Look up. What do you see? If you’re in your Reno home, you’re looking at your ceilings. Ever wonder why they’re most often painted white? Do your ceilings appear too high in some areas or too low in other areas, making it difficult for you to make decorating decisions? The answer to these questions could […]

Tips for Reno Interior Painting

There are various things that you should consider before hiring a contractor to perform Reno interior painting for different rooms of our house. One of these is choosing the interior paint finishes that have good durability and are easy to maintain. This will aid you in determining if the interior paint can withstand the need for […]

Reno House Painting – Learning Which Colors To Choose

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In accomplishing a Reno house painting task, to choose the right colors can be really tedious and daunting all at the same time. The exterior paint of your house would generally depend on the colors of the immediate environment that surrounds it. But of course, you can still choose the colors that you personally prefer for as […]

Making Your Home Look More Attractive – Reno Interior Painting

To apply Reno interior painting in your home to improve its aesthetic value can really be a wonderful investment. This is especially true when you have the plans of selling it. It all starts with considering to do a repainting job for your home. Interior painting can really do a big difference in improving its value. […]

Reno Interior Painting – The Right Colors to Choose for Your Ambiance

When it comes to painting your house, one of the things that you have to consider is the color that you will choose for it.  People would choose different types of color depending on the theme that they want to happen in the house.  With this, they have to know the best color combinations that […]

How Industrial Painting Can Make Your Carson City Manufacturing Or Warehouse Facility Look New

In our competitive world, having a productive working facility is critical. A bright and clean work area is necessary for both working in, and for showing to your customers to prove your company is capable of completing their jobs. Facility inspections by current or potential customers has become commonplace, and you are sometimes given little […]

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