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Frottage Your Cottage

Pressing film, fabric, or any other thin material into glaze and then peeling it off produces a finish known as frottage, which is the French word for “rub.” The technique results in a richly varied texture far different from what you can do with a brush or roller. It is a wonderful technique to consider […]

THE Checklist for Interior Paint Prep

This checklist will help you prepare for your next Reno interior paint project: Decide on the type of paint you want to use flat, low-gloss, glossy. (Latex-based paint is used for interior painting.) Realize that different parts of your Reno home might need different types of paint. Buy enough paint to cover a room in […]

There’s More Than One Way to Skin a … House

Category: Power Washing

You can sandblast, power wash or use chemicals. No matter which method you choose, it’s important to prepare your exterior surfaces for a fresh coat of paint.

Painting: Sequence Counts

With good preparation and a few tricks of the trade, painting interior ceilings and walls is a simple process that can yield professional results. As important as having clean, smooth surfaces is following a specific sequence. Here are the general rules to follow: If you are staining or clear-finishing trim, do so before painting the […]

House Painting Upgrades

Category: House Painting

There are many affordable upgrades you can do to your home that can still make a shocking difference. Reno house painting is an easy upgrade that can change the look and feel of any room. Even if you are not changing the color, touch ups can really clean up a house.

Put Your Money Where Your Paint Is

Overview Imagine the perfect latex paint. It sticks to anything, covers in one coat, levels smoothly, is strong yet flexible and lasts for decades. It never fades or chalks. It discourages mildew growth and is formulated so you can apply it in cold weather. And it doesn’t drip. Unfortunately, that perfect paint has yet to […]

Paint: It’s All About Chemistry

Although different types and grades of paint often exhibit different qualities as you apply them and after they are dry, all paints generally contain four ingredients. Pigments provide color and helps hide the surface underneath (prime pigments). Extender pigments increase the bulk of the mix without increasing the cost. For white paint, titanium dioxide (TiO2) […]

What NOT to Paint Your Bedroom

While there is no right or wrong color to paint your Reno home, or your bedroom for that matter, there are a few guidelines to follow when it comes to painting your  bedroom. After all, it’s your bedroom…the place you wake up to in the morning and the place you relax and sleep in at […]

Should I Spray or Should I Brush Now

Rapidly changing technology affects every aspect of modern life, even when it comes to painting our Reno homes. The methods used to apply modern paints and coatings have changed over time, as well. Understanding all the new products and procedures used in exterior painting techniques enables consumers to get the best, longest-lasting paint jobs possible. […]

Perfectly Painted Popcorn (Ceiling)

Painting popcorn ceiling can be an enjoyable interior painting project if you are a do-it-yourself guy and love painting of course!  If not, you can always call your Reno painting contractor. Popcorn ceilings have nothing to do with popcorn other than the fact that they have a texture which looks like popcorn stuck on the […]

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