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Stripes Are In!

When it comes to decorating our Reno homes, there is nothing better than a mix of drama and elegance. One way to create visual interest without overwhelming your home is to paint a room or accent wall with stripes. Here are a few things you should consider before you start to stripe your walls. Bold […]

Whether the Weather Be Cold, or Whether the Weather be Hot…

Exterior painting is necessary but Reno painters face numerous challenges. There are various environmental and weather-related conditions that can either boost your overall painting results or mess them up. The choice of the color, the time of painting, the workforce and the prevailing weather conditions are considerations that must be understood and adhered to by […]

Old Door, New Door, Red Door, Blue Door!

Take a quick walk through your Reno home. What color(s) is/are your interior doors? Are they a plain, typical off-white? Are they a solid shade of brown because of the wood they are made of? Do you have any doors with a splash of color in your home? There’s nothing wrong with painting your interior […]

Start With A Scheme

Exterior house painting is not a simple job and a lot of research and planning is to be done before initiating the process. Selecting the wrong color scheme can ruin the entire look of your Reno home, making it a big joke among the neighborhood. At the same time, by making wise choices and listening […]

A Garage Floor So Clean You Can Eat Off Of It

Category: Floor coating

To keep your Reno garage floor coating looking showroom fresh for years to come, you’ll want to maintain and clean the surface regularly to avoid stains and damage. While it isn’t difficult to give it a thorough cleaning, it does take some time to ensure you’ve gotten into all those tight corners. Here’s an overview […]

Go Au Naturale in Reno

Category: House Painting

If you are truly dedicated to the eco movement, you might consider using natural mineral-based paints for your next Reno house painting project. In addition to being the most environmentally friendly option, these paints have particular characteristics that affect how you use them and when they are practical. Natural paints are those that are manufactured […]

Toil and Trouble – Peel and Bubble!

All painters know that painting in wet conditions or on a damp surface is asking for trouble. Your freshly-painted finish will quickly fall victim to ugly peeling and bubbling.  Never start your exterior or interior painting project without first ensuring that there is no dampness present. But what’s the answer if peeling happens on a […]

Top Ten Tips

Category: Uncategorized

Having trouble picking the perfect paint color for your Reno home decorating project? Not sure what type of paint you should use? Don’t feel bad — even your Reno professional painter need help from time to time. The paint experts at Pratt & Lambert frequently field questions from home decorators and interior designers. Here’s a […]

Itty Bitty Bathroom Painting

Find out which color schemes work well in a small bathroom without overpowering it.

Tips on Keeping Your Reno Victorian Authentic

San Francisco’s painted ladies have been the beauty queens of the Victorian set for decades, but they’ll win no prizes in the authenticity category. Unlike those tarted-up facades of the Bay area, original Victorians were as drab as dirt … literally. “Victorian color schemes were originally buffs, fawns, browns, ochres, russets, greens and ecrus,” says […]

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