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Top Ten Tips

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Having trouble picking the perfect paint color for your Reno home decorating project? Not sure what type of paint you should use? Don’t feel bad — even your Reno professional painter need help from time to time. The paint experts at Pratt & Lambert frequently field questions from home decorators and interior designers. Here’s a […]

Paint Your Ceiling Post-Leak

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If you have had a ceiling leak and the roof has been repaired, now you are faced with having to paint the ceiling. It isn’t a difficult job and can easily be accomplished by the Reno homeowner, but it takes some preparation to do it correctly and not have to re do it. It may […]

Color Makes Cozy

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While most contemporary Reno bathroom designs use neutral or primary-plus-white color schemes, this one takes a painterly approach that’s downright romantic. A golden glow that’s almost Impressionistic suffuses this bath, making it cozy even on the chilliest days. The confident complementary color scheme of yellow and violet is rendered here in a luscious cantaloupe and […]

Time to Part With That Household Paint Collection

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Your left over paint: Do It Yourself Instructions for Recycling Paint in Reno: 1. Lay out plastic film in a well ventilated area. We suggest 4 mil polyfilm spread out in A CONTAINMENT enclosure; such as bracked 4 x 4 posts nailed together. 2. Pour out left over paint over the plastic. Take care to […]

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