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A Brush With Greatness

When it comes to painting and decorating your Reno home, it’s important to select the right paint brush for the job. Brushes vary a great deal in cost, size and quality. Paint brushes are either made from synthetic fibres or natural hairs. Natural hair brushes tend to be more expensive and are recommended for use […]

Paint: It’s All About Chemistry

Although different types and grades of paint often exhibit different qualities as you apply them and after they are dry, all paints generally contain four ingredients. Pigments provide color and helps hide the surface underneath (prime pigments). Extender pigments increase the bulk of the mix without increasing the cost. For white paint, titanium dioxide (TiO2) […]

Sagging & Flaking & Cracking … Oh My!

Sometimes you’ll encounter problems in the existing surface that you must fix before repainting. Some of the problems are the result of poor-quality paint. Others are the consequence of inadequate preparation or poor application techniques. Some of the most common problems are shown here, along with an explanation of their causes (so you can avoid […]

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