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Put Your Money Where Your Paint Is

Overview Imagine the perfect latex paint. It sticks to anything, covers in one coat, levels smoothly, is strong yet flexible and lasts for decades. It never fades or chalks. It discourages mildew growth and is formulated so you can apply it in cold weather. And it doesn’t drip. Unfortunately, that perfect paint has yet to […]

Should I Spray or Should I Brush Now

Rapidly changing technology affects every aspect of modern life, even when it comes to painting our Reno homes. The methods used to apply modern paints and coatings have changed over time, as well. Understanding all the new products and procedures used in exterior painting techniques enables consumers to get the best, longest-lasting paint jobs possible. […]

Shutters Making You Shudder?

If the exterior of your Reno home is looking a little worse for wear these days, painting the house shutters on your home may be all you have to do to give it a fresh, updated look. While this isn’t the hardest exterior painting project, there are certain things you can do to make it […]

Not Ready For Prime Time?

Overview: The Benefits of Primer One of the most powerful tools in your professional Reno painting contractor’s arsenal is what goes underneath the paint – the primer. Primer is an excellent problem-solver that’s less like paint and more like glue. It sticks to whatever you’re prepping and turns it into a smooth, uniform surface that’s […]

Does This Color Make My House Look Fat?

The roof is the ceiling of your Reno home. It really needs to be considered when you’re making color decisions. If you’re due for a roof replacement, congratulations! You now have a chance to select your roof color from the myriad choices that are available. Here are a few guidelines and considerations: Traditional Shingle Roofs […]

Location, Location, Location – oh, and Weather

Exterior painting contractors are often challenged by the varying conditions and requirements posed by exterior painting projects. Through the years, the lessons learned at each completed project have advanced the paint technology. As a result of these advances, today’s exterior paints cater to nearly every condition ever encountered during exterior painting project implementations. Location-Driven Paint […]

You Know It’s Time to Paint Your House if…

There are many contributing factors when it comes to how long exterior house paint lasts. In general, expect to paint your Reno home every 5 – 8 years. Factors that affect repainting are: quality of the paint, color of the paint, climate, surrounding environment, sunlight exposure, exterior siding material, etc. Factors Quality of the Paint […]

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